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*** Printed on demand in the US, sent worldwide.


This OFFER PACK includes 2 printed books:


- 30 Patterns on a Pin Loom, by Florencia Campos Correa, 2015. Find separately HERE.


- 30 Pattern The Coloring Book, by Florencia Campos Correa, 2021. Find separately HERE


Both books were designed to weave on 4x4" pin looms such as the Zoom Loom or Weave-It.

OFFER PACK Save USD 10 | 30 Patterns Book + Coloring Book

PriceFrom $52.99
  • The pattern collections included in this book are:
    - The Nordic Folk set
    - The Tea Party set
    - The Woodland set
    - The Boho Spirit set
    - Plus 2 extra patterns (from freebies made during 2018)

  • English or Spanish (choose one)

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