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My Story

Ten years ago I started pin loom weaving by chance.

I have always loved handmade crafts, in fact I studied industrial design. But never intended that first triangle woven piece to start a business.

The point of break I think was making several woven squares and realizing all the shapes I could achieve by joining them. It was so fast, easy and amazing at the same time. I designed lots of different woven clothing from that principle, more than 30 I guess and that is how I opened this shop and started selling through the name of Ullvuna (which means wool-wool).

I started making custom orders, which was very fulfilling. I liked using Photoshop to show different color options to my customers. Making handmade stuff complemented with my design softwares skills was something I really liked.

I was doing so, while working employed as a designer, when I received an invitation to make a book, "100 pin loom squares", which was not only an amazing experience, but the opportunity to begin a publishing career in crafting techniques.

That book has been translated to 7 languages and I have been self publishing 2 more books since then.


When that publishing world opened up in front of me, I changed everything.


My complete model business changed and I started making tools and patterns for makers. I turned my finished items into patterns and I designed my own pin loom board, the Kayu, which is produced in the US and sent worldwide (while I am based in Chile). It is my most popular weaving tool until now.

Since then I have added more and more creative products and lately I included tapestry crochet and granny square to my core business.

By 2020 I made a decision. As my main purpose is bringing creative products to everyone, I decided that the technique isn`t what really matters, my goal purpose is to inspire creativity for life. And this is what all my products will be designed to do from now on.

Creativity is in all of us, even we don`t see or believe it. Developing creativity is like exercising your right arm. You can live without it, yes, but it is such a great help for multiple tasks in your life. And it improves when you use it and practice new skills with it.

From that simple woven square, when everything started, I learnt that:


"There is no need to be complex to be creative,

it is just letting yourself go from the most simple".

..and that is what inspires Ullvuna :)

If you want to freely explore your creativity or need some guide to do so, in any case

Come and join me!


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