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Florencia Campos Correa

My Story

Ten years ago I started pin loom weaving by chance

I have always loved handmade crafts, in fact I studied industrial design. But never intended that first triangle woven piece to start a business.

The point of break I think was making several woven squares and realizing all the shapes I could achieve by joining them. It was so fast, easy and endless at the same time.


I designed lots of different woven clothing from that principle, more than 30 I guess and that is how I opened this shop and started selling through the name of Ullvuna (which means wool-wool in different languages).

I started making custom orders, which was very fulfilling. I liked using Adobe Photoshop to show different color options to my customers: making handmade stuff complemented with my design softwares skills was something I really liked.

I was doing so, while working employed as a designer, when I received an invitation from Quantum Publishing to make a book, "100 pin loom squares", which was not only an amazing experience, but the opportunity to begin a publishing career in the handmade crafting business.

That book has been translated to 7 languages and I have self published 2 more books since then.

Plaid bias weaving

When the publishing world opened up in front of me, I decided to rebuild my business model


My complete business model changed because I realized that I had to start creating products for makers. I turned my finished items into PDF patterns and I designed my own pin loom board, the Kayu, which is produced in the US and sent worldwide (while I am based in Chile).


The Kayu is my most popular weaving tool.

Since then I have added more and more creative products such as coloring pages, yarn, more weaving looms, video classes and a one year subscription.

From that simple woven square, when everything started, I learnt that:


"There is no need to be complex to be creative,

it is just letting yourself go from the most simple".

..and that is what inspires Ullvuna :)

Let´s start your creative journey!


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