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Are you willing to unleash your creativity through your hands, using bits of time and leftover yarn with unlimited possibilities of stunning, fast and easy projects to make?

Welcome to Pin Loom Weaving!

Hi there!

I am Flor!

Passionate Designer and founder of Ullvuna.

I invite you to dive in the amazing world of Pin Loom Weaving, the portable way of weaving.


Absolutely no knowledge is required! Just wanting to have fun, create and let yourself go..

You are Welcome!


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Irene, Switzerland

July 2024

"Item as described. Friendly seller that is quickly answering emails."

(Kayu multi loom)

Pin Loom Weaving is
The Portable Weaving

Taking your weaving project wherever you go makes it easy to manage your daily activities without sacrificing your sacred creativity-time!

Kayu New Bag
3 Pin Loom Weaving methods

Meanwhile, feel inspired with
July Highlights

New PDF Pattern


Square Bias Weaving

Celtic Butterfly Cape Pin Loom Weaving Pattern

Fun Collabs

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