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*** Printed on demand in the US. Shipping included!

The Lilac Hat is the first children book I am written and illustrated. It won a national contest in Chile on 2016.

The story is about Sylvia, a lovely sheep who has an small business of woven items made by herself. One day all packages names are mistaken and delivered to wrong customers what causes a big problem but also an opportunity to see things from another perspective.

It is a great children story from 3 to 6 years old. It has lots of hidden messages about life struggles and ways to battle them. 

This book is an amazing learning tool to learn English or Spanish, depending on the language you choose to have it.

The book characters are animals from chilean fauna.

The Lilac Hat story book / shipping costs included!

  • The book has been made by hand drawn illustrations and collages from pictures of knitted and woven textures I have handmade during my textile career. 

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