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*** Made in Chile, sent Worldwide.


This OFFER PACK includes 2 weaving kits:


- Hexagons is an amazing set 2 pin looms to weave incredible hexagonal woven pieces.


You can experiment weaving ways as you wish, like weaving on the bias (continuous strand weaving), tapestry weaving, etc.


- PerfectCouple is the pocket size set of square pin looms you were waiting for.

Both square pin looms are 4x4" (10x10cm). One works as a Zoom Loom, Relmu or Weave-it, the other is for continuous strand weaving (diagonal weaving, rapid weaving).


Hexagons and PerfectCouple kit are lap frame looms, perfect to take with you on business travels, holidays or even on a daily basis in your bag for those boring waiting times.


Light, comfortable, durable, portable and extremely versatile!


If you never get tired of trying new pin looms, you have to try this unique sets!

OFFER Pack Save 40 USD / Free Shipping to the US

  • Printed instructions are included in this set.

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