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This is a Online Private Lesson that will be scheduled between you and Flor, the founder of Ullvuna.


Once purchased, you will be contacted to schedule the class regarding the time availability of you and Flor and receive the list of materials you require, which are basically yarn, scissors, yarn needle, comb and the Kayu multi loom.


The class will be digitally taught through Meet (Google). You only require a Google account (email) to access to the class.

*Skill level: Beginner
*Duration: 3 hours




This is a 3 hours class that can split in 2 classes.


You require the Kayu multi loom from Ullvuna, because it includes the 3 shapes that you will learn to weave.


By buying this class, you get a 20% OFF in the Basic Kayu multi loom kit. Find the Kayu.


If you want to make your own pin looms instead of buying the Kayu, that is a great option too. Find the instructions in this VIDEO.




You will receive a detailed PDF with all the content learnt in the lesson.

Bias weaving in the Kayu / square + rectangle + triangle

  • 1. Basics about:

    - Pin Loom Bias Weaving

    - Yarn required

    2. Bias weaving on the Kayu:

    - Square Bias Weaving

    - Triangle Bias Weaving

    - Rectangle Bias Weaving

    3. Plus:

    - Changing color yarn

    - Basic Stitch

    - Double Stitch

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