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6 sizes of square pin loom is a professionally made set that allows you to print and color your own pin loom color combinations. You can also design your own stitches and patterns while weaving!


This set works for weaving on the bias / continuous strand weaving / rapid weaving / diagonal weaving.

If you own a KAYU weaving loom, this is a printable that will work great for you.

This set works for the following square pin loom sizes (with equal distance between pins of 1 cm):

- Side 30 cm (12x12" aprox)

- Side 26 cm (10x10" aprox)

- Side 22 cm (8x8" aprox)

- Side 18 cm (7x7" aprox)

- Side 14 cm (5x5" aprox)

- Side 10 cm (4x4" aprox)


LEVEL: No skills required.


NOTICE: Yarn gauge, how to use the loom and composition recommendations are not included in this product.

6 sizes of triangle pin loom print & color graphs PDF