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Explorer or Follower?

In this world we came to live, we are defined 50% by genetics and 50% by the environment.

Some people feel like sort of victims of these percentages, like they were predestinated by them. Other people choose to do the best they can with that half they can still work in and mold it (even though genetics is workeable too, so there is much more to do! If that is what you aim for).
And that behave, a little inherited, a little taught, has styles in which we adjust better than others, learning patterns we constantly repeat along our lives, until..

..we choose doing somthing new. Something creative.

To explain this idea, I divide the creative world in two types of learners, the Explorers and the Followers.
And this is not funciful! In my experience doing needlecraft workshops, I discovered that my students where divided in 2 main groups when it came to learn. This discovery forced me to re design my classes in order to conduct the knowledge I wanted to teach them to those 2 different groups of women. 

Classify them wasn`t an easy task by the way. Because as long as they evolve in their creative leraning process, they gain self confidence and sometimes don`t belong any more to that group I classified them at the beginning. Also because we are not totally black or white, right? We are humans, dynamic, full of shades, which makes this classification process harder.

But I won`t stop on this details and want to ask you fast and direclty, are you an Explorer or Follower?

Not sure? So read this detailed description I have specially written for you. Let`s see.

The Explorer

Well, as the name says so, the Explorer is a woman that explores and tries to find herself in everything that she does. Probably she already has a vast creative background within reach, that anyone can notice!

If she is a professional, she has probably chosen a field were creative thinking is fully present, like plastic arts, design, writing, music, dance, etc.

She has a particular own style, close to anti-fashion. She is in a constant personal search, fully motivated by learning, passionated to discover herself in what she does and undertakes. All that she does has a personal touch, easy to see and recongnize to others.

Here is an example so you can picture it better:
The Explorer is that honest and open-minded friend, not necessarily extroverted, but her believes are clear and not-tradable. She dresses as she likes and feels comfortable with, she likes trying new colors, styles and hairstyles from time to time. She travels, always looking for new experiences and knows exactly what goes with her and what does not.

She is the friend that comes to tell you about this new book that as changed her life (a particulary old and known book), clever, but not overthinker, she is more a practical one. She doesn`t emphatizes too much, seems to be more self-centreded than anything. 

Maybe she forgets you often, but it is just because she is immersed in a new and passionate thing she has just discovered..

The Follower

Of course, the Follower seeks to follow somebody else. She wants to go unnoticed. She chooses to copy, something or somebody, knowing that is not right, but that way avoinding to take the risk of being the author of a failure.

Again, she is not a risky person, she plans and calculates everything. She is probably an engineer, doctor, accounter or lawyer. Any profession that assures financial stability.

She also wants to learn things, so she is quite a fan of online courses. She wants everything to be already scheduled and organized with clear steps to follow. She doesn`t like mistakes or loosing her time. She hates bad service.

Here is an example so you can picture it better.
The Follower is that friend that gives you the direct and practical advice (maybe too direct), she doesn`t emotionally involves too much. She cares about her looking, what she wears and chooses something she likes but not too flashy. She likes wearing what is on trend but "normal" at the same time.

She searches for people to follow, mostly from the entertainment world. She likes seeing the lives of other though social media (secretly).

.. and how did it go?

Well, yes, this is a highly stereotyped description of each one. I just want you to mark a clear line in your head between both styles of learning (even though this has quite a lot to be with their life styles too).

Could you identify with only one type? Probably not, as I said they are black and white and not shades, as real humans are. But to sum up, let`s say the Explorer is like the "artist" friend, and the Follower is like the "rational" friend. You lean towards one of them more than the other, and that is the important thing you need to discover.

So, if you are a very very Explorer type (not a single hair of Follower), you are completely in the wrong place, because you don`t need a creative process to learn! You have enough creativity, and you can find more of it by yourself. At least you don`t need what I have to show you.. sorry!








Where are you?

On the other hand, if you believe you are in any part of the gray line (positive or negative numbers), you`ve still have work to do!


.. and the good new is that all what we do at Ullvuna has been designed for you :)

So, do you finally want to discover in what part of the path to creativity are you in this certain moment of your life? Do the test and you will know  :)

Did you feel inspired to create?

Come and join me!


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