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"I don´t know anything about pin loom weaving yet"

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Pin Loom Weaving is the portable way to weave by using a frame or surface with pins or nails.

There are different shapes and sizes of pin looms which can be also woven upon different weaving methods.

The main Pin Loom Weaving methods are 3: TAPESTRY WEAVING, TRIOS WEAVING and BIAS WEAVING.




At Ullvuna, we only focused on the last two. 

STEP 1: → Read the FAQ section to get to know each Pin Loom Weaving method in detail.


The truth is TRIOS WEAVING and BIAS WEAVING are both fun and easy to follow, you can start by learning any of them!

Saying so, by reading how they work and seeing pictures of each you can decide which one you will choose to learn first.

STEP 2: → Free Download the PDF Basic guides to start learning each weaving method.

So now that you have decided the Pin Loom Weaving method you would like to learn first, you can download the PDF guides for them.

Don´t forget to Suscribe as a Member to Free Download the guides.

STEP 3: Find the Weaving Kit to start practicing Pin Loom Weaving.

There are different kits to begin, each one has detailed information so you can choose correct kit for you.

As a Newbie, I recommend you to try the following:




You can also make your own pin loom for any Pin Loom Weaving method, by following the instructions in THIS LINK.

Projects I recommend

Now that you have already learned the basics of TRIOS WEAVING and BIAS WEAVING it is time to choose the first exercise to start with. 

In the BLOG there are plenty of projects, patterns, tips and hints about each Pin Loom Weaving methods, but here are the ones recommended for NEWBIES like you:

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 18.33.55.png
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