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*** Made in Chile, FREE SHIPPING US through DHL (arrives in 3 days).

*** This is a Pre Order 15% OFF (until release date).

*** Release date December 31th 2022.


This premium lap multi loom is the ideal tool to weave thick yarn using only your hand in the most comfortable position.


It has been designed to be over your lap, the wooden pieces have been cut following the curves of your legs so they remain still will you weave sitting in a sofa or bed.


It has been made using only natural materials, such as lenga wood and 100% natural certificated wool, both from the South of Chile.


This product has been designed to be woven using multiple techniques, such as loom knitting, (plain and double), tapestry weaving and also woven on the bias (rectangle shape). It includes a long piece with nails to make looom knitting thicker pieces.


You only need a rubber hammer to assemble this lap multi loom. No nails or extra tools are required. It is super easy to assemble.


It is a stable and firm stool, designed to last.


As this is a multi loom, you can try out different kinds of yarn, thicknesses and explore your own stitches and weaving methods.

YOLI Lap / Multi lap loom

  • Printed detailed instructions are included with this product.

    1. Decide which technique you will try (loom knitting, weaving on the bias or tapestry weaving).

    2. You can add/remove the central wooden comb to make a thicker loom knitting piece.

    3. Try out different thicknesses of yarn.

    4. Use the crochet if necessary. Don´t miss your favorite tv series or an interesting conversation with your daughter or husband while weaving. This multi loom has been designed to let you be in a comfortable position while weaving + talking + watching!

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