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Have you ever dreamed about making very fine woven pieces using fine yarn, but also thicker woven pieces by using Super Bulky yarn?


This amazing weaving kit brings both options in 2 wonderful Pin Looms! Tremen (original pin loom) and the Tremen Light, the new version of it, which has closer pins, therefore you can weave delicate woven pieces to make fine scarves, placemats, etc.


Each woven square takes no longer than 30-45 min!




- In the Tremen (original) is 10 mm (center to center)


- In the Tremen Light (new) is 7 mm (center to center)


These wonderful pin looms have rivets instead of nails, with avoid damaging your clothing or the yarn you are using.It has been designed to weave on the bias (continuous strand weaving / diagonal weaving / rapid weaving).


However, you can always do traditional weft and warp weaving as tapestry weaving.

Versatile, handy, portable size, easy to use, take and store, highly enjoyable.

If you like using all of your spare yarn, this is the weaving kit for you!

TREMEN BESTIES pin loom set / Free Shipping to the US

  • The size of each pin loom is 8x8"

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