Relmu ("rainbow" in mapuche language) is one single wooden surface that includes 10 sizes of square pin loom:


- 5 sizes of square to weave as a Zoom Loom or Weave-it

- 5 sizes of square to weave on the bias (rapid weaving / weaving on the bias)


It is a bulky yarn pin loom. You can use thick yarn or either multiple strands of yarn.).Versatile, handy, portable size, easy to use, take and store, highly enjoyable.


You can try those thick balls of yarn that you usually use to make wall art tapestry. Or reuse Zoom Loom patterns to make bigger stuff, because the Relmu uses the same number of warp and weft rows as the Zoom Loom or Weave-it loom! (see pictures).


There are lots of pattern collections from this store you can try on a Relmu:


- Woodland

- Tea Party

- Nordic Folk

- Boho Spirit


Also "30 Patterns" and incredible books that gatheres all this patterns to try in the Relmu and more! Find in here.


..and also lots of FREE patterns available for instant download in this link.

NOTICE: Relmu has a regular distance is 0.94 cm (center to center) between pins. In the Kayu weaving loom distance between pins is 1 cm.

Relmu multi square looms / shipping costs included!

  • 1. Choose a project to make.

    2. Choose a size of square.

    3. Arrange the pins as detailed instructions (included in the set).

    4. Start weaving!

    5. When the woven piece is finished, remove it and so the pins to store it safely.

    *** FREE download the step-by-step instructions to use the Relmu here.

    As easy as that! Avoid the regular nail looms that damage your cloth and are difficult to store! Save space at home by having 10 square weaving looms in one!