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I am thrilled to annouce the first Master Class an you are invited to join!

Grab a 30x30 cm (12x12"), if you have the Kayu or Relmu both work too and let`s make our first project together.

PROJECT: Yoga Sleeveless Sweater

TECHNIQUE: Pin loom weaving + crochet finishing

DAY: Saturday April 10th 2021

HOUR: 4 pm Santiago, Chile (GTM-3)

DURATION: 1-1,5 hours.

LANGUAGE: English (There will be a separate version in Spanish at 6 pm)

PLATFORM: Instagram Live (Follow my account HERE to receive notification when it starts)


- 8 woven pieces 30x30 cm (12x12") finished. The original design uses only ocher color with double worstead yarn. You can use only one thread but thicker (Nº5-6). Half of each square has been woven doing simple stitch, the second half doing double stitch. Learn to weave a square pin loom reading my free downloadable patterns, here

- scissors, ball of yarn (50 g), yarn needle, crochet (4-5mm) note book and pencil, your favorite drink (all allowed!).


*** You can use the color yarns of your preference, also use more than 1 color yarn.

*** In case you don`t have the 8 finished woven. The most important is having you there!

If you haven`t register yet, please do it by clicking the button below.

Any doubts just write me directly to

Big hug!


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